Indoor cleaning

TP Kinnisvarahooldus offers cleaning services for offices, commercial premises, warehouses, production facilities, restaurants, and healthcare institutions.

Having your premises professionally cleaned at least twice a week ensures a clean and welcoming environment. The frequency of cleaning depends on the specifics of the client’s business and the level of use of the premises.

Generally, cleaning services are provided outside the client’s working hours, i.e. either early in the morning or later in the evening. Depending on the client, cleaning can also be provided during the client’s working hours.

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Why should you choose a professional cleaning company?

Depending on the company and its business, some prefer hiring their own cleaning staff, while others prefer outsourcing their cleaning services, which seems to be the more popular option. The recent trend has been for companies to transfer their cleaning staff to a cleaning service provider who can better organise the work of cleaning staff and thus provide a more efficient service.

Outsourcing a cleaning service is ideal for companies who wish to focus on their principal activity and who require a professional service due to new floor coverings or other such reasons.
Professional cleaning is also suitable for companies whose needs and volume of work may change over time. Moreover, outsourcing the cleaning service reduces potential risks, for example, when one of the cleaners falls ill or goes on vacation, the cleaning company will find a trained substitute.

However, companies that have competent cleaning staff and managers who receive continuous training benefit from hiring their own cleaning staff.

Cost of professional cleaning

There is no single answer to this question. The cost of cleaning depends on many factors: the size and material of the cleaned surface, the amount and specifics of the furniture in the space, what the rooms are used for, how many people use them and where they are located. In addition, the cost also depends on whether cleaning is required twice a week or three, five or even seven times a week.

What does a professional cleaning quote entail?

Before making a quote, every reputable and professional company conducts a site visit to inspect the premises. A site visit is the only way to guarantee that all your wishes are heard and the specific characteristics of your premises are taken into account in the quote. What does the cost depend on?

The square metres do not mean anything.

At least in most cases they do not. If your room is just an empty rectangle, it may be possible to base the price on just the floor area. Generally however, other factors also come into play. First, we need to determine whether we are dealing with an open or closed office. There is a difference in how fast the cleaning staff can clean all the surfaces in these two spaces. In an open office, cleaning requires less time than in a closed office where the cleaning staff have to go from one office to another.

A lot also depends on the type of flooring. In the case of hard flooring (e.g. hardwood, laminate, PVC, stone), cleaning takes less time. However, in the case of carpeting, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner requires more time than cleaning with a mop.

Furniture also plays a role

Office furniture is another factor that affects the cost of cleaning. If your furniture is bright white or deep black, special and regular maintenance is required, as even the tiniest stains will be highly visible on such furniture.

In the case of black high-gloss kitchen cabinets, it is even more complicated: every single fingerprint needs to be scrubbed off during cleaning. Unfortunately, furniture does not stay clean for long. For instance, if the cleaning staff leave and there are some office employees still in the office drinking coffee, the cabinets can already be covered in fingerprints by morning.

Additionally, the more soft furniture you have in the office, the more time is needed for cleaning. The schedule for soft furniture cleaning is agreed in advance, but the removal of hair and dust takes time. Another factor that affects the price is whether pets are allowed in the office or not. For example, Jack Russell terriers are extremely cute, but their wiry hair is quite a pain in the neck for cleaning staff to clean.

Convenience costs extra

When creating a price quote, the cleaning company takes all your wishes into account. This means that if you are looking for ultimate convenience, it will be offered to you, but it will also be reflected in the price. Some of the things that need to be established before creating a quote include: do the cleaning staff only need to clean the tables or also the monitors, keyboards and mouses? Does the kitchen just need to be dusted or should the cleaning worker also clean the inside of the refrigerator and microwave? Are the cleaning staff responsible for starting and unloading the dishwasher? Whose responsibility is the coffee machine?

All such activities may seem like minor details but together they require a great deal of extra time, which will also be reflected in the price quote.

Design is expensive

The more successful and modern a company is, the more emphasis is placed on the interior design of the office. Birch log pillars, moss walls, vertical gardens, etc. are all pleasing to the eye, but also extremely difficult to maintain – and expensive – because they require extra time from the cleaning staff.

One other thing: if there is no designated custodial closet in the office where the cleaning staff can change their clothes, store the cleaning supplies, and access water for cleaning, there is extra cost involved. In such a case, the cleaning workers will have to bring all the supplies with them when they come on-site. Public transport cannot be used in this case and using a separate vehicle obviously means increased costs.

Quotes – compare the comparable

When you are comparing different price quotes, it is important to compare the content of the offer, not just the final price. For instance, one offer may be significantly cheaper than others, but this could be due to the fact that cleaning is only offered three times a week instead of five times a week. In such a case, the list of services provided is also likely to be much shorter compared to other offers. It is also possible that the specific characteristics of your premises are not taken into account. In short, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are confused or have any questions as to why the price is the way it is and what the service entails, it is a good idea to contact the company who made you the offer and ask for more information. We can guarantee that these higher priced quotes have substance and have not been priced that way just to make a big profit. In most cases, it is an indicator of a high-quality, thorough and professional service.