Lawn mowing and trimming

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How often should lawn be mowed?

The secret to a perfect lawn is regular maintenance! TP Kinnisvarahooldus mainly offers its lawn mowing and trimming service to business clients.

During the mowing season, it is recommended to mow the lawn at least twice a week to ensure lush and even growth. In addition, lawn mowing helps to prevent weeds and fungal diseases.

We use professional lawn mowing and trimming equipment. For larger areas, we have ride-on mowers, and regular mowers for smaller and narrower spaces. In areas that cannot be maintained with a mower or where the grass is too high, we use a trimmer.


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When is the best time to start mowing in spring?

It is difficult to pinpoint a specific date, but usually it is smart to wait until the first blades of grass have regained their strength and grown to be approximately 8–10 cm tall.

How high should grass be cut?

Lawns should not be mowed too short as it makes the grass more susceptible to various diseases and causes the grass to turn yellow faster as it cannot retain enough moisture. The optimum height for most grasses is 4 cm.

A trimmer should be used to edge the lawn and other places that mowers cannot reach.