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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no single answer to this question. The cost of indoor cleaning depends on several different factors, such as the number of rooms, what the rooms are used for, how many people use them and where they are located. In addition, the cost also depends on whether cleaning is required twice a week or three, five or even seven times a week. 

We do our best to meet our client’s wishes and start as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, we need about two weeks to prepare: organise work, order supplies and equipment, install holders where necessary, and train staff. But we are ready to start!

There are different types of cleaning. Regular cleaning involves the cleaning of surfaces to remove any accumulated dust and dirt in order to ensure clean and hygienic surfaces and maintain their appearance. Cleaning up involves the removal of obstacles in order to achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

Specialist cleaning means one-off deep cleaning that is carried out where necessary when the desired level of cleanliness cannot be achieved with the above cleaning methods. The list of special cleaning jobs and their frequency will be agreed with the client in advance.

Under normal conditions, the carpet will be completely dry and ready for use after 24 hours. However, in well-ventilated rooms the carpet can already be used after 12 to 16 hours.