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When should you order specialist cleaning?

Office managers are always juggling several things at once. And have to so many important things they have to remember. We can help you with at least one of these things. Below is a handy guide for when you should order specialist cleaning for your office.

One of the most misleading assumptions in the cleaning industry is that specialist cleaning should only be ordered when the need actually arises. In reality, you should not let the situation get that bad. Here are two reasons why you should avoid it.

If your floor is hopelessly dirty, it is already too late.

Even cleaning that is carried out regularly and thoroughly cannot prevent the need for deep cleaning. Why? You can find the answer to that here. If it is visually clear that the dirt has ingrained deep into the flooring, even deep cleaning may not be able to fix it. You can order the service, but the result will not meet your expectations. In such cases, the only solution is to put in new flooring, which is several times more expensive than regular cleaning.

If you place your order too late, the cleaning company will not have any availabilities. 

Spring and summer are busy seasons for cleaning companies because everyone is looking to clean their office windows and floors. However, if you wait until May to order the service, the cleaning company may not have any available times until August. Therefore, you should plan all these things in advance, because everything takes time, especially if the quote has to be approved by your superior as well.

The cleaning year starts in March

Start by thinking which cleaning jobs need to be done in your office in spring. Window cleaning is obvious, but should the upholstery in your office be deep cleaned along with the floors? Is there dust in the vents? Maybe an overall deep cleaning is in order? This kind of planning helps you reduce costs – the more jobs you can get done at once, the more affordable the overall cost.


Do not ask for three separate quotes for all three jobs that would have to be done weeks or even months apart. This will be more expensive as the cleaning company also takes into account the time spent on rearranging furniture and transporting cleaning supplies when making their price offer.

Request quotes from different cleaning companies. If you get a suitable price offer, take it to your superior for approval and then you can start planning the cleaning work with the cleaning company.

When should you order window cleaning?

First, you need to establish what the procedure for window cleaning is in your office building. If you are the owner of the building, you are responsible for organising both interior and exterior window cleaning. However, if you rent an office, the building manager is responsible for ordering exterior window cleaning and you are only responsible for interior surfaces. In this case, we recommend synchronising both window cleaning times. This way, you get the best result. 

When should you order floor deep cleaning?

As we mentioned, it is a good idea to schedule floor cleaning for the same time as window cleaning. Ideally, by that time, there should no longer be any snow outside and the city should have completed its springtime street cleaning. Considering that both the weather and city government can be quite tricky and unpredictable, we can only give rough estimates.

Generally, the best time for any specialist cleaning is the end of April and the month of May.

What preparations are necessary?

Of course, cleaning should take place on the weekend or in summer when the office is empty. The room should also stay empty the day after cleaning if the floors were waxed or if the carpeting was wet-cleaned.

No big preparations are required before the arrival of the cleaning company. It is sufficient if you clean up any clutter that is lying around, e.g. piles of paper on the floor. The cleaning team can handle moving any chairs and rolling cabinets.

Autumn-winter jobs can be ordered on an ongoing basis

For example, if you get your floors deep cleaned two or three times a year, it can be scheduled for a time when the cleaning company can respond faster. It is ideal if your floors get cleaned before the beginning of the snow season.

The most common winter maintenance jobs include icicle removal and roof snow removal. As icicles do not form according to a set schedule, they should be removed as needed. But you should take into account that the cleaning company may not be able to respond on the same day. This is because, in addition to organising the staff, the company also has to make arrangements to get the lifting equipment and ladders. Nevertheless, a good cleaning partner will do their utmost to help you as soon as possible. No matter the season.