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Top 7 tips for window cleaning customers

If it is said that, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes, then we can easily add to this list the fact that the windows of every building need to be washed at least once a year. However, in order to get your windows cleaned at a suitable time for you, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Leave the cleaning company enough time

While it only takes a few moments for you to send an inquiry, the cleaning company needs more time to prepare a price offer. If the cleaning company is familiar with your site (because they clean your premises regularly), the preparation takes less time – they only need to determine the window area on the basis of a previous quote and send you the new offer. If you are a new customer, the sales representative will need to come and visit your site in person. They will measure the square metres and assesses the complexity of the site (whether there are any windows in non-standard places or high and difficult-to-access glass partitions), in addition, they may offer any additional jobs that would be good to carry out along with window cleaning (e.g. cleaning of venetian blinds). Once they have all this information, they can make you an offer. This inevitably takes some time.

Place your order in early spring

The summer window cleaning season actually begins in late spring: usually in May, sometimes as early as April. As a result, the window cleaning schedules of cleaning companies already start to get full by March. Therefore, if you do not book your window cleaning early, you will have to wait longer than you would want to.

Ideally, clients should order window cleaning twice a year: for example, once in April and then again in September or October. This ensures that windows stay nice and clean all year round. In this case, you should book your next window cleaning in advance as soon as the previous cleaning has been completed. This should become a routine. That way, you have one less thing to worry about and the cleaning company can accommodate your needs when making their schedule.

Have a multi-storey house and need window cleaning? You will need lifting equipment!

If we are dealing with a multi-storey building and you have ordered the window cleaning service at the very last minute, you are in a tough situation. Even if the cleaning company can squeeze you into their schedule, they may not have any lifting equipment available at the time. Lifting equipment, however, is essential to clean the windows of multi-storey buildings as other types of equipment just cannot reach as high.

Most cleaning companies who provide window cleaning services rent the lifting equipment, which is why it is possible that, due to high demand mid-season, the job may not get done because there are no lifts available. In some cases, more expensive lifting equipment may be available, so that is an extra cost you have to take into account. But if you schedule your window cleaning well in advance, you can easily avoid all of these problems.

Where possible, consider water-fed pole window cleaning!

The water-fed pole system, also known as the Reach and Wash system, is an alternative to lifting equipment. A cheaper, faster, and more convenient alternative.

Water-fed pole window cleaning is more affordable because there is no need to rent expensive lifting equipment. The water-fed pole system is suitable for buildings up to four or five storeys high.

Water-fed pole window cleaning is faster because cleaners can focus on cleaning windows the whole time – there is no need to move the lift from one side of the building to another and set it up. Moving and setting up the lift takes up more time than you think.

Water-fed pole window cleaning is more convenient because cleaners can more easily access the windows and no damage is done to the surrounding greenery. Whereas the lift will definitely leave marks when placed on soft ground. Flower beds, hedges and trees are all obstacles that get in the way of the lift.  

If water-fed pole window cleaning is an option for your building, the sales representative will offer it to you.

Make preparations outside

If the cleaning staff arrive and it becomes apparent that the building cannot be accessed with the lifting equipment due to parked cars or vehicle access barriers, the work will be stalled. For that reason, it is essential that you make all the necessary preparations ahead of window-cleaning day.

Ensure that window cleaners can access the windows with a lift. Should it be necessary for the lift to be placed on neighbouring land or parking space to carry out the cleaning, please obtain the necessary approvals in advance.

If, however, it is necessary to close a footpath or street, the cleaning company will obtain the necessary authorisations from the city. Please note that this requires extra time as officials do not usually respond to e-mails on the same day.

One more thing: all windows should be closed from the inside. This is especially important in the case of ‘Reach and Wash’ or water-fed pole window cleaning, otherwise the water will run down the open window into the room.

Make preparations indoors

If you order indoor window cleaning, preparations should also be made in the office space. Since window cleaning is a quiet job, it can be performed during the working day, if necessary. However, it is better to schedule it for the weekend or after work hours so that it does not disrupt the work in the office.

We also kindly ask that whenever cleaning day comes, your employees remove their items from window sills. While our team of window cleaners can move a few pictures and honorary certificates out of the way, they may not be able to put them back in the exact same spots. Therefore, in order to avoid any trouble, we ask that your employees take care of this task beforehand.

Should your office have any glass walls where developers have written important pieces of code that you do not want to be erased, please mark them with a post-it note.

If you have done all that, the windows are ready to be cleaned. Proper preparation ensures a swift and smooth service!